Face lifting & pricelist

face lifting salon Davi
Wrinkles and stress away
  • application of detailed gentle massage rejuvenates the skin and revitalizes overall appearence
  • calms the mind and relieves stress
  • amazing results after the first application without the need for surgical interventions
  • relieves tension and calms the mind
  • ideal for a short escape from everyday bustle
  • done dry through clothes with the option to use a drop of oil for refreshment and pleasant hair scent
  • massaged area: top back, shoulders, neck, head, face, ears
the back of the head release
  • Are you stressed out? Contracted muscles from the neck to the head slowly turning into a migraine?
  • This relaxation technique will release tension in the occipital region, a contracted neck, and a smooth flow of blood and vital energy from the head to the whole body. At the beginning, depending on your condition, you may feel a lot of tension, but after a few minutes it starts to disappear and you can fall asleep with a pleasant feeling of washing away all your worries.
  • When opting for a face lift, I recommend supporting the outflow of harmful substances (lymph) from the face by means of a basic treatment of the décolletage and neck
  • Combine a face lift with neck and shoulder stretching using the SPS method
  • Stretching will loosen your stiff neck even more

This beautiful combination when a face, neck, upper back and a whole head are beeing regenerated is ideal for a total relaxation.

To prolong the effect of face lifting, look at bargain ticket to get more discounted procedures

ProcedurePriceTicket holders
Lifting (60m) 1.000,-590,-
Lifting + cleavage (70m)1.150,-690,-
Lifting + back head (75m)1.200,-740,-
Lifting + head (80m)1.250,-790,-
Lifting + head + cleavage (90m)1.400,-890,-
Lifting + head + back head (90m)1.400,-890,-

If you have recently undergone (in a matter of weeks or months) surgery with botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, or any other type of invasive technique on your face, you need to have medical approval, that you can go to manual face lifting to avoid unnecessary effects.

If there is a contraindication after ordering, please inform me in time and we can reschedule your massage.

In case of presence or suspicion of contraindication, the massage can be performed only with written evidence from the doctor that the given type of massage can be performed.

List of common medical complains to consider:

  • minimum 7 days after any vaccination
  • all acute inflammations – eyes, ears, cavities, teeth, nodules
  • infectious diseases, postoperative and post-traumatic conditions
  • elevated temperature, pain
  • skin problems, open wounds, bruises, burns
  • use of antibiotics and less than 2 weeks after taking them
  • ongoing migraine
  • varicose veins (eg if they are on the feet, the legs must not be massaged but other parts of the body can be massaged)
  • pregnancy – 1st and 3rd trimester cannot be massaged, except face lifting and head massage other massages are not provided during whole period of pregnancy
  • nursing in puerperium
  • strong menstruation
  • allergy to massage products – must be announced in advance and agreed
  • epilepsy
  • psoriasis
  • cancer
  • very high or low blood pressure
  • vascular disease
  • just after eating with a full stomach

If you have any doubt I will be happy to consult with you contraindications before ordering.

you lie on your back for the entire duration of the procedure, so you can feel the gentle movement of the massaging fingers or fall into alpha waves of sleep and enjoy the well-being

  • only you personally
  • it is better to come without make-up, otherwise micellar water with tampons is available for quick make-up removal
  • in the case of a cleavage massage, a dress that can be easily removed into underwear is suitable
  • you will receive a clean sheet and a scarf to cover yourself
  • you will usually have a choice of facial oils and floral facial water
  • manual face lifting is a very gentle method for smoothing out wrinkles and contours without the need for surgical interventions
  • it is a non-invasive natural facial massage technique with no side effects
  • you don’t have to undergo various Botox and hyaluronic injections, which only last for a few months anyway – you can also damage them
  • it belongs to very effective procedures in cosmetic care
  • smoothing out wrinkles and contours
  • turning off the skin on the face and neck
  • lifting drooping eyebrows
  • pleasant relaxation has a calming effect on the nerve endings in the skin
  • improving blood circulation, skin color and breathing
  • cleaner skin with waste products
  • alleviation of muscle fatigue and tension in the face
  • loss of subcutaneous fat
  • fresh appearance thanks to the removal of dead skin cells
  • positive effect on the nervous system, overall psyche
  • I recommend after lifting, like any other massage, to enjoy the feeling of peace and relaxation and not to do more demanding activities that day
  • On the other hand, what lifting does not help you with is sagging cheeks and the second chin, neck – here I recommend active exercises such as face yoga
  • the effect of the massage is visible often immediately after the first application of this procedure
  • for a long-lasting lifting effect, 8 – 10 treatments are recommended at an interval of 1 – 2 times a week
  • as with other types of massages and other procedures, regular treatment makes sense, ideally at least 1-2 times a month
  • during stress that affects a person from the environment, is the hormone cortisol secreted in the body? Nothing against him. It is useful in the short term, but if the stress is long-term, it creates an imbalance in the body. We may remember the words sympathetic and parasympathetic from school. Two autonomic nervous systems. Sympathetic in case of stress, when cortisol is released, it helps to activate all defenses in the body in order for the person to survive. Fine, but! What if this defense mechanism is constantly under fire from stress and the second “compensating” parasympathetic system no longer has time to calm the body down? Difficulties arise… general immunity, vitality decreases and exhaustion and the risk of diseases – even “civilized” ones – increase.
  • in these cases it is more than appropriate to treat yourself to a massage. Why? It calms nervous tension, establishes a sense of calm and thus helps to activate the parasympathetic system, so that both systems come into balance and thus strengthen the overall immunity