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Regeneration massage
  • relieves tension, stimulates blood circulation and starts the regenerative, rejuvenating and cleansing process in the body by releasing harmful substances
  • elimination of trigger points
  • suitable not only for stiff muscles, stress, before and after sports activities, but also for pleasure
  • massaged area: up to your request
DurationPriceTicket holder
40 minutes690,-390,-
60 minutes1.000,-590,-
90 minutes1.400,-890,-
120 minutes1.600,-1.090,-
Relaxation massage
head lying
  • relieves tension, soothes pain and calm the mind
  • ideal for a short escape from everyday bustle
  • done dry
  • massaged area: head, face, ears, neck
DurationPriceTicket holder
30 minutes500,-250,-
  • relieves tension and calms the mind
  • ideal for a short escape from everyday bustle
  • done dry through clothes with the option to use a drop of oil for refreshment and pleasant hair scent
  • massaged area: top back, shoulders, neck, head, face, ears
DurationPriceTicket holder
30 minutes500,-250,-
  • calms the mind – very relaxing technique
  • light up and relieves your face
  • amazing results after the first application without the need for surgical interventions
  • more info and optins here
DurationPriceTicket holder
60 minutes1000,-590,-
hawaii lomi lomi
  • a special massage technique using a combination of the entire forearm and gentle (Lomi) touches of the fingers and palms
  • the masseur works at one moment with a greater involvement of his body with each hand in another part of the body of the client and unleashes unforgettable play of touches
  • I also borrow these special techniques for other types of massages thanks to the use of forearms
  • massaged area: back, neck, buttocks, legs, hands
DurationPriceTicket holder
75 minutes1200,-740,-
hot stones
  • instead of hands, the entire massage is performed with hot lava stones
  • use of hot stones helps deliver a more in-depth and intense massage by warming up muscles and releasing deep- tissue tension
  • stone temperature is adapted to client sensitivity
  • massaged area: back, neck, buttocks, legs, hands
DurationPriceTicket holder
90 minutes1400,-890,-
Special massage
gentle spine massage
  • very gentle massage in the area of the spine + possible stretching
  • inspired by the Breuss method
  • suitable not only for the regeneration of a herniated intervertebral disc, but also for stress relief,
  • replenishment of energy and rest
  • the use of the most regenerating St. John’s wort oil, or you can choose another as desired
  • area: back – spine, occiput
DurationPriceTicket holder
60 minutes1000,-590,-
  • activation of trigger points, a little painful
  • relieves tension, stimulates blood circulation and starts the regenerative process, directs the flow of energy in a whole body and stimulates the activity of organs
  • suitable not only for stiff muscles, stress, before and after sports activities, but also for imunity stimulation
  • massaged area: head, face, neck, back, buttocks, legs and hands
DurationPriceTicket holder
60 minutes1000,-590,-

For perfect massage experience You can choose from variety of massage oils that I warm up. Relaxation music complements the pleasent atmosphere.

massage in prague salon davi

Relaxation and regeneration massage is a process during which the customer actively relaxes. Ie. it is a type of strain on the body that helps a healthy body regenerate. If the body is not healthy, the effect of the massage is the opposite. In an extreme case, it’s like running a marathon with a fever – if you survive, you’ll have serious complications. Therefore, in the case of acute illnesses, wait until they fully resolve, so that the massage has only positive effects.

If there is a contraindication after ordering, please inform me in time and we can reschedule your massage.

In case of presence or suspicion of contraindication, the massage can be performed only with written evidence from the doctor that the given type of massage can be performed.

List of common medical complains to consider:

  • minimum 7 days after any vaccination
  • all acute inflammations – eyes, ears, cavities, teeth, nodules
  • infectious diseases, postoperative and post-traumatic conditions
  • elevated temperature, pain
  • skin problems, open wounds, bruises, burns
  • use of antibiotics and less than 2 weeks after taking them
  • ongoing migraine
  • varicose veins (eg if they are on the feet, the legs must not be massaged but other parts of the body can be massaged)
  • pregnancy – 1st and 3rd trimester cannot be massaged, except face lifting and head massage other massages are not provided during whole period of pregnancy
  • nursing in puerperium
  • strong menstruation
  • allergy to massage products – must be announced in advance and agreed
  • epilepsy
  • psoriasis
  • cancer
  • very high or low blood pressure
  • vascular disease
  • just after eating with a full stomach

If you have any doubt I will be happy to consult with you contraindications before ordering.

  • you don’t need to carry anything with you
  • a shower, clean towels and sheets are available to you
  • before the massage, you choose the massage oil you like. In colder periods I automatically heat it, otherwise on request
  • depending on the type of massage, you will strip down to your underwear, fully or remain clothed and lie down on the massage table
  • if you want to chat in the process, I will look forward to it
  • the one who wants to take a nap during the massage or just enjoy the silence, I will be happy for a quiet moment
  • relaxing music is automatically played in the massage room, I can turn it off upon request
  • if you opt for a relaxing massage, then the intensity is gentler
  • in the case of a regenerative massage, you can choose stronger or gentler pressure
  • stronger pressure is used to remove trigger points
  • possible pain during the massage is not harmful at all, but it should be pleasant, relieving

How often is it good to go for a massage to have the desired effect, and what kind of effect should it actually have?

My answer could be summarized in the following three situations, in which each of us can find ourselves from time to time and what I recommend for each situation, whether a person plays sports or hardly moves.

These recommendations are general and applicable in good health without contraindications.

1) my muscles hurt – back, limbs, stiff neck, etc.

Whether it is an acute condition that only lasts a few days or longer, it is ideal to massage the mentioned problem within a week or two, or to remove the muscle spasm, trigger point (e.g. blocked neck, tennis elbow, sore calf, etc.).

Here it is 1x per week/ 2 weeks, so that the muscles have enough time to regenerate on one side and gradually have time to relax and not block again on the other side.

The goal is therefore to eliminate muscle stiffness or pain that can block us in our range of motion and mental well-being.

2) nothing hurts, staying in good shape, greater range of motion, lightness and prevention

So that the situation doesn’t get worse and we don’t find ourselves back at point one, when a problem with the muscles has already occurred, a regular massage will help so that the muscles can regenerate sufficiently, remain relaxed, thereby maintaining the greatest possible range of motion, or removing muscle spasms.

Therefore, the recommendation is 1-2 times a month, depending on your condition and physical load. More frequent massages with an interval of at least two days needed for muscle regeneration will not harm anything, but the longer the interval, the greater the risk of possible problems.

It can be compared to regular movement, various physical exercises, activities where regularity is needed to keep in shape or improve. This also applies to taking care of your body – at least twice as much. For many times the better condition,

I recommend Healthy SPS exercises, which you can practice anywhere, and thus relieve overworked muscles and joints in the long term

3) mental and physical well-being

Since everything is connected with everything else, it is good to maintain a good mood. Of course, if possible, not only by massage.

The effect is then noticeable in personal and working life and especially in terms of health. As a modern person is exposed to stress on a daily basis, the autonomous ability of the nervous system to deal with stress is weakened and the overall immunity of the organism decreases.

Massage can help you achieve a better mood in itself, either by removing physical pain (e.g. stiff neck, back pain, etc.) that can cause a bad mood, or by passive relaxation or a meditative state that you can experience during a massage.

The more often you treat yourself to a massage, the deeper the relaxation usually tends to be. Often when a customer comes to a massage under stress, “exhausted from work” or in a bad mood, it’s great to see how he is almost a different person immediately after the massage. Better mood, radiant face, sweetly tired and relaxed.

Here, too, the recommendation to maintain mental well-being applies to treating yourself to a massage as often as our time allows, at least 1-2 times a month.

  • do what fulfills you
  • if you are overloading your muscles and joints, then I can recommend compensatory exercises in the form of healthy SPS exercises the most natural movement for humans is walking and running.
  • if you also perform it with the right posture and engaging the right muscles, this movement will automatically stretch and relax you (not only physically, but also mentally)