Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions of the Davi Massage Salon and Mobile Masseur David Sura; IČ 08606421

1. Basic provision

1.1. These contractual terms and conditions govern the legal obligations between the massage service provider David Sura (hereinafter referred to as the operator) ID 08606421, address Sazovická 479/49, Prague 5, as a mobile masseur in the salon Davi at Ječná 547/15, Prague 2 – Nové Město, and buyer and user services (hereinafter referred to as the customer).

1.2. The operator provides massage and regeneration services on the basis of a valid trade license and documents certifying professional competence for the activities performed. The services provided are an effective complementary means of maintaining health and harmonizing the whole organism. In no case do they replace health care and cannot replace the necessary medical treatment.

1.3 By telephone, internet or personal order (hereinafter referred to as the communication channel) of a specific massage date, the customer expresses his / her consent to the business conditions of the operator.

2.1. Date of visit
The date of the visit must be agreed and booked via the communication channel. The agreed date of the procedure is a binding order. The operator reserves the appropriate time for preparation and course of the massage for the agreed date of the customer’s visit.

2.2. Reordering
If the customer is unable to arrive for serious reasons within the agreed time for the massage, he / she informs in advance via the communication channel, however, no later than 24 hours before the beginning of the massage. Later contact and interest in reordering is considered to be the absence of the customer.

2.3. Early arrival
The premises of the salon are accessible, but with regard to the undisturbed course of previous massages of other customers, the arrival to the ordered massage is suitable at least 15 minutes before the agreed date, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

2.4. Late arrival
If the customer arrives within 15 minutes after the agreed date, the massage or procedure will be performed to a reduced extent so that it ends at the originally set time, for the same unabridged price. Later coming to the massage is considered to be the absence of the customer.

2.5. Absence of customer
In the case of absence or late arrival to the massage, with a delay longer than 15 minutes, the customer will be charged the value of the booked time in the amount of the ordered massage or by appointment.

2.6. Rejection of massage
Massage may be rejected by the operator in the following cases:
a) the customer comes up with contraindications to the massage
b) the customer arrives in a drunk state / under the influence of addictive substances
(c) the customer appears in an unsatisfactory hygienic condition or mental state of mind
d) the customer expresses or behaves in an improper / inappropriate way when ordering the massage

2.7. Premature termination of the massage, procedures
The massage / procedure may be terminated prematurely if:
a) During the massage, the customer will show obvious signs of contraindication
(b) during the massage, he / she develops obvious signs of being drunk / addictive at the customer; or
c) the customer will behave in an improper / inappropriate manner during repeated massage / procedure

2.8. Accompanying and accessibility
The massaged person may be accompanied by one person as a salon visitor, unless otherwise agreed in advance. The salon is not designed for the presence of small children during the massage, dogs, wheelchairs, persons with limited orientation (without an assistant / escort), unless otherwise agreed in advance. It is possible to store a pram, bicycle and other bulky things in the salon reception. The presence of a guide / assistance dog is possible and welcome in the salon.

2.9. Leaving the salon
Salon provides sufficient time comfort after massage. With regard to other customers, each customer is expected to leave within 15 minutes after the end of the massage or procedure, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

2.10. Personal belongings and valuables
The salon provides security comfort. For security reasons, it is possible to keep small valuable items in the dressing room during the entire massage. In the reception and dressing room there is a possibility to store all clothes and personal belongings, including handbags and bags to a designated place. The operator is not liable for any loss of the client’s items before / during the massage / after the massage, unless the customer keeps the valuable item in the reserved place in the reception or massage room. Forgotten items found after the clients leave are kept for the next 3 months.

2.11. Customer informed consent and sensitive information

Informed consent is confirmed by the customer’s confirmation that his / her health is suitable for the given massage and consent to the massage on the basis of the actual health state confirmed by the customer by his / her physician / specialist or confirmed by the customer. their absence and choose the type of massage.
At the first visit, the customer is asked for contraindications and other information leading to the elimination of health risks and the choice of the correct massage technique. If the customer decides to undergo the massage, he / she clearly and freely expresses his / her informed consent to instruction on contraindications.

At the same time, by providing information on the contraindications to be questioned, the customer gives its informed consent to the use of the information transmitted. The information serves for communication with the customer through the communication channel, for the correct selection and implementation of massages. This may be a recommendation / non-recommendation of a specific technique directly from a general practitioner or specialist, therapist, specialist facility, etc. Sensitive data transmitted is kept carefully and safely, subject to security measures at the sensitive data manager, the operator. This data shall be used solely for the internal purposes of the operator. In case of any changes, the customer will add new data. At the request of the visitor the data are permanently deleted, the operator confirms this request in writing / by e-mail. The customer is aware of the fact that on the basis of the information provided by him the massages will be carried out and therefore in case of concealment of the known health complications or other questioned contraindications to the massages the customer bears responsibility for any problems or consequences that could be negatively affected.

2.12. Price list of massages

The price list of the massage is available in the salon and on the website of the salon. All prices are final. The operator is not a VAT payer.

When complaining about the provided services, the customer must prove without delay and in a credible manner that the subject of the complaint is related to the specific fault of the operator. Complaints are made in person or in writing to the operator’s address. In the case of a redundant complaint, the cost of dealing with it will be recovered from the customer.

4.1 Occupational safety and risk prevention in the workplace
By entering the facility, the customer agrees with his / her duty to comply with the rules of work safety and prevention of risks at the operator’s workplace and with the duty to follow the safety instructions of the masseur operating.

4.2. Validity and effectiveness
These Terms and Conditions came into force and effect on 1.12.2019. They are verified and updated in accordance with the regulations and amendments to the Act and in connection with the adopted changes and possible extension of salon services. In case of doubt, the Czech version of the translation shall govern the interpretation of the terms and conditions.