Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions of the Davi Massage Salon and Mobile Masseur David Sura; IČ 08606421

1. Basic provision

1.1. These contractual terms and conditions govern the legal obligations between the massage service provider David Sura (hereinafter referred to as the operator) ID 08606421, address Sazovická 479/49, Prague 5, as a mobile masseur in the salon Davi at Ječná 547/15, Prague 2 – Nové Město, and buyer and user services (hereinafter referred to as the customer).

1.2. The operator provides massage and regeneration services on the basis of a valid trade license and documents certifying professional competence for the activities performed. The services provided are an effective complementary means of maintaining health and harmonizing the whole organism. In no case do they replace health care and cannot replace the necessary medical treatment.

1.3 By telephone, internet or personal order (hereinafter referred to as the communication channel) of a specific massage date, the customer expresses his / her consent to the business conditions of the operator.

2. Order service

3. Complaints about services

4. Final Provisions